George Crumb: Incantation (from “A Little Midnight Music”)

(taken from the album “Insomnia”)

Bruce Stark: Urban Nocturnes

(taken from the album “Insomnia”)

Rage against the machine / Kai Schumacher: Killing in the Name

(taken from the album “Transcriptions”)

Soundgarden / Kai Schumacher: Black Hole Sun

(taken from the album “Transcriptions”)

Henry Purcell / Kai Schumacher: Sweeter Than Roses

Frederic Rzewski: The people united will never defeated! (Cadenza)

(taken from the album “The people united will never be defeated!”)

Daniel Schnyder: Concerto for piano and string orchestra (3rd mov)

(recorded live at Rotušė, Vilnius)

Kai Schumacher: If I could start again (Variations on “Hurt”)

(recorded live at Teatro Anchieta, Sao Paulo)

Gene Pritsker: Priest (from “Heavy Metal in the 80s)

(recorded live at Outreach-Festival, Schwaz)